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A little bit about Julie...

I believe less is more…a natural face and beach wavy hair is my ideal look.

When given the option of wearing shoes or going barefoot, I will always choose barefoot.

I am uncharacteristically organized for an artist but detail oriented and passionate like one.

My style is primarily photojournalistic, though I tend to integrate aspects of traditional photography into each shoot in order to maximize the variety of images in the final product.

My favorite color is turquoise and I collect anything and everything with an ocean theme.

My kitchen is always overflowing - my husband rolls his eyes every time I come home with another platter or cooking gadget.

I live my life outside. I'm always up for a good adventure. 

We have a big-hearted Bernese Mountain Dog - he is the best babysitter around.

I am a proud mama of two beautiful, strong, vibrant little girls - their smiles light up my life and bring joy to everyone they meet.