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The "Aspens" is my most celebrated collection which took four years to complete. This series really sparked my interest in the study of light as well as the sun's positioning. It's amazing what the right kind of light can do to an image and how quickly you can lose that light if not timed properly. 

Aspens are beautiful, majestic trees that thrive best at an elevation of 7,000 feet or above and grow in large colonies. They stand about 40-70 feet in height and can live up to 150 years; although their complex route system can survive far longer underground. In the fall, these trees paint the mountains with vibrant colors.

How I work: I print everything in studio in order to maintain great quality control. I print on a top of the line large format Canon printer using heavyweight satin paper and the highest quality inks. You can buy images solely as prints or take advantage of our matting, framing & canvas options. Each print is a special, well crafted, limited edition piece - only 50 editions of each image will ever printed before it retires.